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Core Commerce is a reliable, customizable SaaS eCommerce platform offering personalized service and support and evolving, on-trend technological capabilities. Like our customers, we are driven by creative passion and the personal pride we place in our business.

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Call Us: +91 9913910011

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Call Us: +91 9913910011

CoreCommerce’s software is only a substantial part of the complete package that you will receive when you sign up here. We offer a free of cost, onboarding program for all our customers and other superior customers in order to ensure that your business is making use of the CoreCommerce platform to its fullest and best potential, thus adding more power to the sales as well as business growth.

We’ve developed and understanding based on site launching, which means we understand that excitement and anxiety in launching the one that’s yours. Based on what we’ve understood as well as our past experiences, we have a team of customer supports executives who will always be accessible directly from inside the admin dashboard. So, if you’re setting up your store and have a quick question from us, you can reach out for us and we shall provide you the perfect answer. Our live chat functionality in the dashboard allows you to reach out immediately and get the help just whenever you need it the most. Also, an option for live phone support is also available to help you get your store up and running as quickly and easily as possible.

Every customer who signs up here for a free trial will receive a 30-minute onboarding session conducted with a member of the customer success team. The onboarding session is particularly guided by you and all queries are answered for you. The potential topics that are addresses in this session include

  • How to setup products individually or via import / export functions\
  • How to upload an image
  • How to setup product categories
  • How to setup shipping
  • How to setup payments
  • Where to change CSS and HTML
  • How to do setup a Content page
  • How to manage homepage
  • How to setup navigation
  • How to upload logo

The admin dash board created for CoreCommerce is robust, and it acts as a tool for managing businesses most efficiently and effectively. The platform actively supports integrations with the top notch third-party applications, to add a customizable functionality that is additionally based on the specifications and needs of a business. With CoreCommerce, we want to make are aware of just how far the platform can take your business with an added functionality of the third party applications.

The free 45-minute Power Your Platform Consultation gives you the opportunity to:

  • Speak with a member of our customer success team to receive an evaluation on all the integration options available.
  • Make the best selections given the needs of their businesses.
  • Understand precisely how to assimilate these applications into the dashboard.

You can click to review all the third-party applications that have been made available on the CoreCommerce platform for an ultimate experience.

We can help you build a fully customized, highly functional dashboard that is capable of optimizing the performance of your business processes.