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Core Commerce is a reliable, customizable SaaS eCommerce platform offering personalized service and support and evolving, on-trend technological capabilities. Like our customers, we are driven by creative passion and the personal pride we place in our business.

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Call Us: +91 9913910011

Do you have a relationship with companies that do business online? Build a recurring revenue stream, bring your customers more value, and enhance customer retention by partnering with CoreCommerce. A variety of partnerships are available that offer earning opportunities for you or your business.

The CoreCommerce ‘Affiliate Program’ is ideal for bloggers, e-Commerce platform reviewers, social media enthusiasts, freelance web designers and even CoreCommerce customers who would like to earn directives referring some business to us at CoreCommerce.

While the level of active promotion of CoreCommerce is up to the individual, the strategy is simple and pleasing - the more paying customers you refer, the more money you receive! Some associates might simply choose to host banner ads on their sites, while others might be convinced by the idea of writing reviews or blog posts about the CoreCommerce platform. Banner ads or anchor text within articles and posts link to the CoreCommerce free trial sign up form.

If the individual or business you refer becomes a paid customer with us, you will receive an upfront payout of 200% of their SaaS fee. For example, if a referral becomes a Professional Plan customer who pays ₹999 per month for the CoreCommerce platform, you will receive a payout of ₹1998, which means you can do the business while you help us do the business.

All affiliates are fortified to have a one-on-one onboarding consultation where we, from CoreCommerce will go over our commission model, review the CoreCommerce platform, and discuss affiliate resources.

You can sign up for the affiliate program or schedule an onboarding consultation, simply email info@corecommerce.in for more information.

The Partner program of CoreCommerce is idyllic for web design firms, marketing agencies, e-Commerce services vendors, and credit card processors who are willing to actively promote CoreCommerce on their websites, in marketing materials, and in customer interactions.

One primary thing in the partner program is that you will receive a 25% recurring share of the SaaS fee for referrals who become paying customers.

CoreCommerce provides an onboarding program for agencies or businesses that may be interested in becoming partners. We do an overview of the marketing package and resources, and a review of the reporting and commission structure.

Please contact info@corecommerce.in to set up the onboarding consultation and to learn more about how to resell or white label CoreCommerce technology.